There is no waiting list or fee to get your project listed on DistroHunt, we do however require time to verify and process all contributions. This area may only be used to submit content for publication on this website. Visit our FORUM if you have problems with this website or wish to make a feature request.

This is a FREE service to the community. We operate on donations only. There are no paid staff members at DistroHunt. All applications are handled by volunteers at their convenience, not yours. Do not spam our server with requests, we have an ‘avoid list’ specially prepared for those who abuse the service. Volunteers will not contact you if your submission is rejected and our staff members are under no obligation to explain why such rejections occur.

Supporters get a higher listing priority. Sponsors who exceed our minimum donation tier get a front page listing and expedited service. People who support this site can contact the editor directly with their requests and usually do not need to fill out these forms.


We have different types of forms to fill out for each kind of submission. Please fill out the correct form or your suggestion may be ignored. 

Distribution Request Form
There are many distributions out there and in all likelihood, we may have missed something. Is there a distribution which should appear here? Anyone can fill out this form to suggest an operating system we can add to the directory.

Developer Submission Form
This form is for developers or legal representatives of projects who would like to get their distributions added to our index. All submissions must meet our minimum listing guidelines in order to be added to this directory.

News Submission Form
Anyone may suggest NEWS related to distributions which already appear in this directory. We will accept press releases and news snippets. Volunteers will verify news items before submitting these to the editor for publication.