How are distributions sorted on DistroHunt?

In keeping with modern blogging traditions, the ‘Directory‘ link at the top of the page and the ‘Keyword‘ links at the bottom of the page will always list distributions by date; newest entries first. Sidebar categories under the ‘Free OS Directory‘ heading will display contents in alphabetical order.

How much does it cost to get listed?

There is no cost for promoting your project on DistroHunt. Simply supply a link to the website for consideration. Sufficient information for processing in this directory MUST appear on that website and should not be difficult to find. Submitting a request is NOT a guarantee it will be listed. This resource is run by volunteers. Supporters get a higher listing priority. Sponsors can get a “Featured listing” on the front page.

How do I find which distributions are most popular? 

This is a project listing & video log, not a popularity contest. DistroHunt will not endorse any distribution over another. We will however offer featured listings for sponsors. We will not post rankings based on page views or use any other mechanisms which can be abused.

I’m having problems with a listed distribution, how do I get support?

All registrants are required to have a forum or support ticket page. Please visit their website.

What about dead links? I cannot access the distribution website.

Let us know by posting on the DistroHunt forum sponsored by the Cup of Linux Community.

I have reason to believe a distribution includes copyrighted materials which should not be distributed freely, who can I report this to?

If you are concerned about software being bundled in a distribution, please contact the developer. You may also mention this on the DistroHunt forum. If a distribution is found to have illegal or immoral content of any kind it will be removed from this listing. Additionally, DistroHunt reserves the right to reject projects which contain questionable material.

Will you place my favorite distribution here?

Anyone can place a request to have their favorite distribution on DistroHunt. The submission must follow the guidelines we have set on the submissions page.

Can I list my paid distro on here?

Certainly. Your project must be “free as in freedom” not necessarily “free as in cost”. There are several distributions which have a paid support model and they are welcome to be represented here. The editor will need a copy of the software for demonstration purposes or a series of images for use in a slideshow.

How long do listings stay on here?

Distribution listings are indefinite. We will make every effort to keep listings updated only as necessary.

How often will you update your listings? Some distributions release every 6 months.

There are too many distributions in existence and it is impossible for our small volunteer staff to stay on top of every distribution release cycle. This is why we have chosen a simple format on this site. Some distributions maintain a consistent appearance across releases so it is not necessary to make a new video each time a new version comes out. It is up to the community to notify us of these updates.

I have not heard you mention Gnu or Gnu/Linux in any of the videos. WHY?

There are many projects who support free libre software through their contributions and some of those projects arguably deserve as much recognition as (if not more than) Gnu. DistroHunt wishes to remain neutral in these controversial matters. Therefore, we have elected to only use the term “Linux” when referring to ANY operating system which uses Linus Torvald’s kernel. For political correctness, the GNU tag identifies listings on this directory which have the Free Software Foundation’s approval.

FREE Listings and waiting times.

All submissions must be researched by volunteers and submitted to the editor for approval. Requests which do not meet the requirements on the submissions page will not be listed. Staff will not contact you to make you aware of refusals. The number of submissions handled by volunteers per week is limited. If the request queue becomes full, we will suspend the submission module to give us time to get caught up. Supporters can contact the editor directly to be listed ahead of staging.

What is your privacy Policy?

This registry has a database for storing articles and news snippets. We may also use cookies so board features and user preferences will work properly. The forms on this site are used for the sole purpose of adding content to our index and such information is never shared with 3rd parties. We do not accept member registrations on DistroHunt, to participate in this community, you need to be registered with the Cup of Linux forum and their privacy policy is located HERE.