Trouble d/l PCLinuxOS for laptop project
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Author Topic: Trouble d/l PCLinuxOS for laptop project  (Read 1979 times)

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Trouble d/l PCLinuxOS for laptop project
« on: March 27, 2014, 06:25:08 PM »
I checked out this distro when it was still pretty new but never really did anything with it.

I saw Spatrey's vid, and others, on it recently when I was looking for a good beginners distro for a project I've started.  But I've trouble obtaining a copy. 

The mirrors listed on their page(s) come back with 404 errors.  All except the Romanian one, bless their heart.  Apparently it can only send 150-300 Kbps because I'm connected to the 2.5 Mbps network at the local college.  I even wasted the time and effort to download and install uTorrent but couldn't find any seeders on line.  Mind you, if I had been trying to steal a copy of the latest and mostest worstest unwatchable schlock from Hollywood I would have had a million choices - millions from piracy not one seed for progress.

I remember reading that there was/is at least one free file host site that doesn't have size limits.  Should I upload a copy of the distro if I can find one?

The Project (in case you were curious)
My niece and nephew, (8 and 5), could use a computer to watch videos when I'm not around with mine. So when I saw an ad posted on the bulletin board at a local grocery store, I spent $15 for a Dell Latitude D630 without HDD, battery or charger sold off by a nearby University.  (I hope it has an Intel video card but don't know yet.) suggested a SSD for less money than I would have expected and a 1 TB HDD for less than $100. Since they won't need the optical drive currently in that bay, I'm thinking I'll put the OS on the SDD and use the 1 TB slide-out drive for data/media storage.  Maybe buy add a USB keyboard to go with the USB mouse and/or trackball and I think my sister will have another means of bribing/extorting/rewarding desired behavior.  LOL

Their first computer will use Linux.  It it wasn't for the small screen, I'd be getting jealous already. (Yes, even of a seven-year-old laptop) Given time, I might even upgrade the RAM to the full 8GB, just because . . . (insert Tim Taylor grunt here).