Samsung Galaxy Tab A(6) 10.1 2016 (model:SM-T585) Appcrash/Reboot Resolution
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Author Topic: Samsung Galaxy Tab A(6) 10.1 2016 (model:SM-T585) Appcrash/Reboot Resolution  (Read 2831 times)

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today i got new tablet (topic name) and have model fault by default but easy to fix.
problem was random reboot when you used some apps like web browser or any other.
random reboot time cycle changed couple minutes to huor.
so i powered down my tab and powered pressed buttons home+volume up+power to access to complete factory reset.

now it's works like angel.

i found that from here:

if you get similar samsung model where is 10.inch display with least 1920x1200 resolutio.
you maybe must have to do same hardware reset as me.
that tablet here is about 299€uros in here finland.
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That's kind of odd that it is having that issue. I remember my Samsung Tab 4 had an similar issue to the one you were facing right after I bought it. It was pretty annoying and originally thought something was wrong with the tablet; however shortly before I was going to return it I got an Android update which fixed the issue and I have had this tablet ever since.

Thank you for posting the solution to this issue. I have changed this post to a sticky just in case anyone else buys the same model or similar model tablet and is experiencing the same issue.
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