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Computer Profile Pictures...
« on: January 02, 2021, 08:03:39 PM »
Sometimes I have trouble explaining things because I have so many computers.  Each has it's purposes...  But sometimes during Linux Testing they get tangled up in my posts.  My Asus computer is my power machine.  My old Dell Machine is the Linux Hardware Test/ Install Machine/ Watch Videos Machine.  My Mapletronics Machine is the family machine.  It is used for Some Email, Some research, Watch a Weather map.  Of course I'm able to do more with it, but all I'm saying is what they mainly do...  And then there is my old Lenovo Laptop Machine.  In order try to help with confusion, I decided to make profile pictures for these machines.  That way if I need to talk about one that a thread is exclusively written for, I can throw up a profile picture.  I need to add the specs to these too.  I'm currently undecided about how many specs I should put with them.

ASUS Z170M Plus

Dell Vostrol 400

Intel DG965OT

Lenovo Laptop
Real Hardware: Linux Mint 20.1 XFCE, PCLinuxOS XFCE
VirtualBox:  ArchLabs