Recreating intro vid - Video Spatry did with videos on computer monitors?
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Author Topic: Recreating intro vid - Video Spatry did with videos on computer monitors?  (Read 4797 times)

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I hate opening a new topic ... i just have no idea how to search for this topic.
Spatry showed us a tutorial on how he created his intro (3-4 years ago now). I was searching for it in his tutorial section on YouTube and no luck ... any help finding this vid would be incredible! 

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Hi JackieElle, I checked on my end and was only able to turn up the following thread which was the Kdenlive Workshop series which he has a few videos on. Also, linked the series below. Hope this helps!,20.msg25.html#msg25

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Unless he is talking about the intro sequence I made in Blender.... I do not even remember if I did a video on that... If it had the Ping***OS logo on the screen somewhere, I had to remove those videos when ant decided he wanted to throw stones at this community for his own reckless behavior. The hard drive which had the original blender files has long since been destroyed unfortunately, so I could not even do a video on that if I wanted to....
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Thanks Kalthrix for the reply ... this was the set I was thinking of, although I think there was one vid missing - as Spatry said it might have been one he took down
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Thanks sooo much Spatry - nice to see you again (really miss your vids)

nods it might have had ... and I think I figured out what I was looking for - Picture-in-Picture, so I can have different vids on top of a background intro. I found how to do on iMovie this via SkillShare, so should be able to transfer the skills to other software.

Again thanks again ... and the site is amazing! You were one of the first YTbers I followed for Linux, many years ago *lol