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Re: Re: Install some lightweight games
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2016, 04:58:59 AM »
For now Steam support is only included with mCOLe because it is a PARENT package from Manjaro. While I do not mind including some games, I cannot ignore the file size of my distribution. I do not want to release a "Bloated" distribution which contains too much software people may not want. I need more time to think on this before adding any game packs.Pay attention Artex, in this area, people requested I add games to my distribution, I could NEVER include any PAID Steam offerings with my release... that would be ILL-Eagle and they put SICK BIRDS in cages! Understood? LOL
I agree with this, Spatry
Quidsup already show us how JuLinux bad sample of  AIO(All-in-one) distro.
Also one of the reasons I didn't hop Linux distro. But I do dissect them.❤

This is why I don't bundle any "welcome games" as welcome drink.
But rather offer those client as a "game center" or Tool to run countless games
Such as Love engine, Steam client, Desura client.
I always remove pre-install solataire, sudoku or useless games
away from all Linux distro that I've run. Most windows gamer ignore
these welcome games. The first thing in their mind is set up steam, wine & playonlinux.

To able to put most need facilities compress in the DVD drive is kind of challenging.
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