Star Conflict - fixing lag and disconnects
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Author Topic: Star Conflict - fixing lag and disconnects  (Read 3087 times)

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Star Conflict - fixing lag and disconnects
« on: March 16, 2015, 12:11:41 PM »
here are ports to open for star conflict if you tend to lag or disconnect.  i don't need to open these ports to play star conflict, but apparently if you open these ports it helps you not disconnect or lag as much.  if you have a very fast connection and computer, opening the ports should not affect your play, and it's still a good idea to forward these ports or otherwise make sure the ports are open if you experience any lag whatsoever.  

List of ports required for the game:
TCP 80, 443, 3800-3815
UDP 35000-36000
Required ports for the launcher:
TCP 27022-27042, 6881, 8090
For connection related problems use the Connection Tester. You can find it in your Game folder. Star Conflict\con_tester
Using Steam? You can find it in the installation path of Steam. Mostly C:\Programms\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Conflict\con_tester

here is an anchor link to my website where there are tools to check if your ports are exposed correctly and if your computer is fast enough to run star conflict
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i had a problem in windows 7 64bit where star conflict suddenly would not let me connect.  so after restarting my computer didn't let me log in, i reinstalled steam which made me reinstall star conflict after, and that fixed the problem.  my settings were unchanged thankfully.  

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