warsow for game night tornament (deckards idea)
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Author Topic: warsow for game night tornament (deckards idea)  (Read 2972 times)

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warsow for game night tornament (deckards idea)
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:42:55 PM »

last night on game night deckard mentioned adding a game 1 hour before game night typically begins to do a tornament type game.  first person shooter imo is the most popular genre in COL of the games which are not included in game night.  this is my suggestion from the games i've "tested" to add to game night.  

today i was told by one of the game moderators the best 2 fpses are xonotic and warsow of the possible fps game night additions.  the clear answer in my opinion is warsow to add to game night.  

i have played a lot of retro fps games and i consider myself an authority on some retro fps games.  as long as warsow has the things needed to manage a tornament for game night, warsow clearly fits the bill better than xonotic.  warsow is a fresh take on the fps genre.  warsow welcomes newcomers, and that's one thing spatry says is paramount for game night, which i agree as well.  fps games inherently do not have progression which affect gameplay.  fps mmos do have progression which affects gameplay.  fps games are historically 100% skill.  in warsow everything is very easy to see and easy to understand.   i have played thousands of hours of multiplayer fps in my life in multiple games where i was in a very reputable clan for 1 year.  

here is the website for warsow for completeness and reference.  
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now for xonotic, it's a very well made game, and it has plenty of options, but it doesn't welcome the newcomer as well as warsow due to the fast pace of the game and the busy graphics on the screen.  the main problem is that it's difficult to see opponents as they get further away while both you and your target are moving.  i don't know if there is a setting i can change to make the players appear opaque.  as a "deep" and well made game, it's important to be relatively easy to learn, as well as being a well made for the advanced player without any ways to "own newbies" for the most part.  xonotic will not reward the right type of skill for fps.  i've already theorized explosive weapons will work better in this game due to the foot speed of the game fast moving and hard to see opponents.  honestly xonotic a pretty game graphically.  the audio is very good as well, up until i turned it off.  

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Re: warsow for game night tornament (deckards idea)
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2015, 07:43:35 AM »
I took a deeper look and came to the conclusion, that Warsow is about as entertaining as Xonotic. Warsow has a much higher skill-cap and really needs some practise. however it looks fantastic and is insanely fast.

Xonotic on the other hand is easier to pick up and really is about as much much. The graphics look different but neither better nor worse.

Both gorgeous games with really, really good gameplay.