openarena quake3 clone for game night
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Author Topic: openarena quake3 clone for game night  (Read 2630 times)

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openarena quake3 clone for game night
« on: February 17, 2015, 08:16:31 PM »

first things first.  i believe zdeamon (doom clone) is for windows only, so that won't work for a col game night game, because even though i don't share spatry's gun ho desire for linux and anti windows, i think supporting good games made (not ported) to linux is a good idea.  i'd even suggest games ported to linux, but i believe openarena (quake3 clone) was not ported.  

first of all i can't say enough good things about this game.  i really like fps games, and i think this is the best choice to add a new game to game night.  so much in fact i will iterate this game on mumble next game night as a suggestion as well.  

i consider myself an authority on most areas of video gaming.  i tried out for a quake3 arena clan and made it back when quake3 arena was new.  i've also done competitive video gaming on a national level in soulcalibur 2 and was officially ranked 7th in pennsylvania usa for 1 week in sc2 in 2002.  these are only 2 of the many things i've done in video gaming. 

i played a little bit of openarena and the game itself is amazing.  i don't know if they are using the exact quake3 graphics engine, emulated the q3a graphics engine, or created it from scratch to be exactly like the q3a graphics engine.  it feels almost exactly like q3a but better.  i didn't notice any movement or gameplay errors with my brief testing.  the game played perfectly and i'm looking forward to play some more of it.  the detail in the environment, weapon skins, and character models are about quake 1 quality, so it's very basic with detail.  it reminds me of a lackluster quake 3 video game graphicswise.  this isn't a big deal though.  the game is amazing if you can stomach the rudimentary graphical presentation. 

now the objective critisizm is that the game is exactly like quake 3 arena but not lorewise, and it lacks a lot of polish like a choice of different character skins or even a female character.  i don't know if you have to unlock more character models, or you can add character models easily like you could in the quake games.  i intentionally tested openarena on linux and a slower computer, and there was no lag whatsoever with the default graphics.  in fact i noticed you run 110% or 120% as fast as quake 3 and that's saying something because quake 3 is the fastest foot speed of any of the top retro fps games.  it feels very hectic and this game would be geared more towards people who consider themselves at least competent at fps games.  newbies to the fps genre will get owned and literally encircled by opponents due to the the lightning fast food speed.  

i don't want to go on forever about this great fps game in this post, so i simply want to write that it appears multiplayer is built in by default, and it has all the game modes as q3a, so this can be an easy and instant addition to game night.  this is probably the best game to add to game night of any game i can think of.  i would like to see this game added immediately to our roster of games for game night.  maybe start game night 1 hour earlier, because we lose a lot of people as the night gets later and the 0ad matches take over 1 hour each. 

here is the official website
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here is the page to download the game
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the game was 450mb when i downloaded it on linux.  it was in my default repo, so all i needed was to fetch the game and it installed automatically with  

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