Web Browsers in BHUMR-C
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Author Topic: Web Browsers in BHUMR-C  (Read 3770 times)

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Web Browsers in BHUMR-C
« on: December 15, 2014, 07:38:31 PM »
Hi, All, this is just a note about web browsers in BHUMR-C. BHUMR-C ships with Google Chrome as the default web browser for two separate but inter-related reasons: (1) It's what I use and recommend because (2) It works. You are more than welcome to install and use other browsers in BHUMR-C but please understand, I can't troubleshoot an issue with, say, IceCat, because I do not run IceCat. So if you are having an issue with a game or a web page or web form or whatever in your browser of choice, please open that page in Chrome and see if you have the same issue. If not, then go to your browser or web application support forum or resource and troubleshoot there. The problem isn't with BHUMR-C. If you have the same problem with Chrome, then I can attempt to replicate the issue, and hopefully help find a solution.   
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