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COL GN: Rules and Archive
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:00:13 PM »

What are we doing?
Well, we play Games of course! Every week, there will be a Gaming-Night, that will be announced in the HERE, so keep an eye on that, so you know when it's gonna be. We will usually play games that are free of costs and in most cases open-source games. A list of free2play Linux-Games can be found here.
We also MIGHT make a highlight-video about every Game-Night, but everyone playing has to be okay with that.
We also might start some competitions in order to crown the GAMER OF THE WEEK that will be named in this post and who also might receive some prices in the future? Like a "Dirty Helga Pinup Calendar"?

Who can join the gaming Night?
Anyone that feels part of the community and likes to play some games with us. However you have to accept the rules that ensure that anyone has fun during playing. The rules are quite easy:
  • Be Respectful and don't insult each other. We all do this to HAVE FUN and to enjoy the community.
  • Hate speeches and Harassment are forbidden as the Gaming Night really should bring the community together rather than split them.
  • The Mumble-Gaming channel is for those that currently play. For everything else use one of the other rooms.
  • Keep the emotions down. I know that some may strive for winning the game or really try to compete with others, but please try to keep calm and follow the rules. It is less fun if you take it too serious.
  • This is a COMMUNITY Gaming Night, so please don't invite people that aren't part of the community. We surely welcome every new member of our community and we are happy for every gamer, but it still should only include members.
In other words: Mumble and Forum-Rules also apply to the Gaming-Night. Disobeying the rules results in exclusion for future Gaming-Nights and possibly from the COL-Community as a whole.

How does it work?
You can find every information needed in the Post of the current GameNight, which can be found HERE and you can also vote for the game that will be played the next few GameNights in the Sticky Post called "Cup Of Linux Game Night X - X POLL". You read the rules, accept them and join us on Mumble (You can find everything you need to know about our Mumble-Server here).

The Game-Servers will be either password protected or be played via a virtual-Lan connection, so it stays Community-Only.


COL-GN #1 on 20 June 2014: Alien Arena
Player of the Week: "blos" with a best of 50 kills
Trailer GN#1: here

COL-GN #2 on 19 July 2014: Star Conflict
Player of the Week: " "

COL-GN #3 on July 26th 2014: Star Conflict
Player of the Week: "Kueller" with 30 Points local ranking

COL-GN #4 on August 2nd 2014: Star Conflict
Player of the Week: "JayVii" with 33 Points local ranking

COL-GN #5 on August 9th 2014: Xonotic
Player of the Week: " "

COL-GN #6 on August 16th 2014: Xonotic
Player of the Week: "Synrgy87"

COL-GN #7 on August 23th 2014: Xonotic
Player of the Week: "JayVii"

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