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Title: GamerOS - that makes your PC to steam console better than SteamOS!
Post by: aDewil on December 19, 2020, 06:58:30 AM
like topic says, it's true console like OS without any DESKTOP frontend like KDE, XFCE or other dekstops.
this os uses fully steams BIG PICTURE mode.
with this os you can install EPIC STORE, bunch different console emulators, firefox, kodi, couple games outside steam and some other stuff.
just watch video in bottom, where crish plays Cyberpunk 2077 and intall epic store

OS can be download here.

roadmap page:
with this link there is current progress to add GOG support in future!
3DO emulation support is in testing and 3DO have one of best versions of WOLFENSTEIN 3D with most realistic sound effects (video under GameOS).