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Title: Linux Mint 18.1 PIA Issue
Post by: MisterCave79 on May 01, 2017, 12:56:14 PM

I am running into a small problem. After hours of surfing various so called how to's videos to configure PIA, I feel like I am digging in the trash. The web is full of outdated information. PIA's website need to update their operating systems information. I am using Linux Mint 18.1 and I am trying to set up Private Internet Access. I am having no success. I am inexperienced with Linux as a whole.

Could you, if you have the time, Please Make a updated How to config PIA with Linux Mint 18.1. Again Thanks for Your Time. Update: got it to work, however when I use to verify i get the same ip info no matter which country that I choose. ps, I did try to use the client that PIA provides within their webpage for ubuntu. It did not work.