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Title: [SOLVED] keyring
Post by: johnrmal on May 16, 2016, 09:45:36 PM
I am a newbie so pls. bear with me.  I keep getting unlock my key ring.  From reading the arch I understand it stores passwords.  If I need this how do I give it a password.  If not how do I get rid of it?    According to the Arch wiki if you do automatic login in you don't have to enter anything that did not work.  So I created a login screen and it still happens.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I looked in this forum could find anything Thank you!
Title: Re: keyring
Post by: Spatry on May 16, 2016, 10:04:01 PM
Any time you open a program that requires ELEVATED privileges such as using a file manager as ROOT, you will be prompted for a password. You can sometimes tell the prompt to keep the keyring open for the session in which case it will not ask you for a password until you start a new session. THIS PAGE ( explains it better than I can and I hope it will set your mind at ease.

You can get rid of the gnome-keyring if you do not want it nor have any applications that require it:
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sudo pacman -Rns gnome-keyring
Title: Re: keyring
Post by: johnrmal on May 16, 2016, 10:20:11 PM
Thank you Spatry that was very helpful!  It was driving me nuts lol!
Title: Re: [SOLVED] keyring
Post by: danielson on June 03, 2016, 06:03:10 PM
So, removing keyring is fine, but what if you want to keep it?
How do you insert one ?