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Title: PlayonFreeBSD
Post by: lcRONOS on March 29, 2016, 10:10:14 AM
So the creators of playonlinux have been working on a port for FreeBSD (sorry OpenBSD and NetBSD users, though maybe a port will come from this).  You can actually already install an older version of it.  I run FreeBSD 11 which doesn't have the full set of binaries available so I'm not sure if you can install it with pkg, but it is in ports under emulators/playonbsd.  The problem is that this version is out of date because they are changing how they are doing things.  Their goal is for playonlinux to be portable by release 5.0.  If you want the more up to date version you can go to playonlinux's site and download the .tar.gz.  Just extract it and cd into the directory and ./playonfreebsd.  It uses python so you need to have all those dependencies of course.  It has a pretty sizable list of software available to it, though not quite as much as playonlinux does.  The main difference is that it is not able to handle multiple WINE versions like playonlinux does.  I had an issue where using the version from their site resulted in none of the servers being available.  To fix that I had to edit the python/ script to add fichier_online="version2" and comment out fichier_online="version_freebsd".  This change is just under the section
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elif(os.environ["POL_OS"] == "FreeBSD"): If you have any questions about making that fix I will try to help as much as I can, otherwise I'll point you to the playonlinux forums.  Just keep in mind that playonfreebsd is experimental.