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Title: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: Leck on February 16, 2015, 06:08:59 PM
please let me know if this game have been suggested before.  i don't want to take the time to go through all the pages to see if someone else wrote something about this game, and i don't trust query filters.  

here is the official website, and i found it on the default repositories for debian, so i didn't have to add a repo to install.

no problems installing,  graphics are pretty amazing for a game which looks much like super mario kart.  the framerate and resolution are significantly better than the snes and even n64 super mario kart.  

everything else is great except there is no online multiplayer.  this means that people would have to use vnc and one person would essentially "host" the game.  this game is only for local multiplayer, so it might take some testing to get it to work.  also i noticed a lag bug with one of my gamepads.  gamepad drivers don't always work perfectly with debian.  i don't know if it is this way on other oses.

bottom line is i would suggest this game to add to game night.  i think it only supports 4 ppl max, and you have to essentially "host" the game, but if you can get it working, it would be worth it.  it's pretty much a super mario kart clone.
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: Deckard Cain on February 16, 2015, 07:09:59 PM
This would be a really fun game to play with each other. The only down side to this is that it would require the host (myself), to setup a VPN so that we may all play together "locally". I'm not opposed to this idea, however it's really Sptary's final say...
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: Spatry on February 17, 2015, 12:39:13 AM
I love Super Tux Cart! Since Deckard is the one who has the server, I say it is more his choice than mine. Will this be difficult to set up? Will this be hard for others to connect to you? It is a shame you have to jump through some hoops for multiplayer on this game though.
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: Deckard Cain on February 17, 2015, 07:53:06 AM
The last time I did this was way back when you had to connect through... I'm pretty sure it was IPX... Nonetheless it was A LONG time ago. I don't think that it would be any trouble to set this up for everyone, let me give it a try and see if I can test it with a fellow member. *Crosses fingers* SUPER TUX KART HERE I COME!

Edit 1: Currently Super Tux Kart only supports "local" multiplayer (two people on the same machine). In their milestones list (, they say that V0.9 will be the release where LAN multiplayer will be available, and 0.91 will have WAN multiplayer. Till that time we cannot play it on game night :(
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: Leck on February 17, 2015, 08:08:42 PM

i don't think i was clear.  i did not say vpn.  i mean virtual network connections, vnc.  it's like teamviewer, ultravnc, and google has a version now.  this is where people connect to a single computer and they are sending their keyboards and game controllers and mice signals and the host computer thinks it's inputs from the same computer.  i've done this often when playing old console games with emulators with friends in different locations.  it would take some testing, but it's totally possible.  i've noticed that 2 people cannot use the same exact controller when doing this, and most keyboards don't like multiple inputs at once, so only one person could use a keyboard and the other people would need game controllers of some sort.  

it would take some testing and setting up, but it's possible.  i forsee a lot of bugs with game controls because of the driver problems in linux with game controllers i've noticed.  i don't know if there is an easy way around that.  

either way i have a great suggestion for an fps game to add to game night i'm about to post on this game forum section.  i really think openarena should be added.  please comment under my new thread about openarena if you want to write something about only openarena.  

this is an edit:
i always reread messages, and i noticed that the very last thing in deckard's last post was about wan.  with wan, i think you could use tunneling and set up vpn to play multiplayer.  this of course would be a more elegant way to handle multiplayer.  for the time being, you can use vnc to play any game which only supports local multiplayer.  as i wrote google has a version, but i've only ever done vnc with gaming on windows.  i've done vnc with linux but never tried a game.  i don't know if linux will throw a fit with vnc and tuxkart.  just needs some testing before integrating tuxkart into game night, that's all.
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: nexus on April 11, 2015, 04:02:54 PM
I was about to suggest this and found this old thread that I must revive. The only issue I have had with this game was my controller was acting like a mouse and that caused some issues with gameplay. for example, when I had to turn around, going down and to the left would open up my desktop cube and such. Not sure if the online or multiplayer would work here. There has been a new version (0.9 rc1) released just a week or two ago.

Sorry in advance for bringing up a two month old post.
Title: Re: super tuxkart for game night
Post by: charliemoss on April 17, 2015, 10:37:51 AM
OpenRa is 'not my cup of tea' but I love Super Tuxkart. I'm off to practice now in preparation for the event, (if it ever happens).