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Title: Run Daz|Studio 4.9 using PlayOnLinux: 10 Easy Steps!
Post by: Spatry on November 03, 2014, 05:54:39 PM
This tutorial works for the NEW Daz Studio 4.9!

Daz Studio 4 Professional is a "FREE to Play" (for a limited time?) 3D character modeling software and alternative to Smith Micro Poser. It is my understanding that Daz3D earns much of it's income from the software by selling content bundles, environments and other plugins. Daz3D is fully featured and gives the graphics artist lots of options for creation & animation of human figures, creatures and animals. All that is required is that you sign up for an account at They give you enough content to get started with, but you will eventually want to purchase items to have more character options and features. You can even get lots of Free content for it at  


After digging around and LOTS of trial and error, I finally got Daz|Studio to run almost flawlessly on my operating system, Manjaro - Cup of Linux edition; as seen on the front page of this website. Playonlinux is required for this tutorial and these steps should work on most common Linux distributions. My machine is a quad core AMD Laptop with Radeon HD Graphics and 8Gb of ram. I am using the proprietary FGLRX driver as I also do some gaming. Nothing too fancy by today's standards.

The steps I will take you through may seem a little strange, but believe me... this is the ONLY way I was able to get this working. So follow along, pay close attention and everything should be OK! I tried these steps the exact same way 3 times and got good results. Deviating from the order of things resulted in failure... Back to step one and start over again... GRRRRR!


If PlayOnLinux is not already included on your system, it is available in your repository :D

Code: [Select]
sudo apt-get install playonlinuxFedora:
Code: [Select]
yum install playonlinuxGentoo: Compile compile compile... wash rinse and repeat...
Code: [Select]
emerge playonlinuxArch/Manjaro
Code: [Select]
sudo pacman -S playonlinuxOr just open your GUI package manager and find PlayOnLinux in there if you wish to avoid the command line.

1. Open Playonlinux and select TOOLS > Manage Wine versions. In the (x86) tab you want to make sure that WINE 1.7.30 is installed. Select 1.7.30 on the left panel and press the ">" button. The installation is automatic, but may take a minute or two to complete. When finished close the wine installer window.

2. Press the Configure Icon and a new window will open. This is where we will accomplish most tasks in this tutorial. Press the NEW button on the lower left and the "virtual drive creator" prompt will open. Select 32 bits windows installation. This WILL NOT WORK IN 64 bit. After pressing next you will choose Wine version 1.7.30, next you will pick a name for your virtual drive. I called mine "DS32". Press next and wait for the virtual drive to be created.

3. While the drive is being created, you will need to log into your daz3d account, go into your product library and get "install Manager Win". it is a 32 bit executable. Also download "DAZ Studio 4.7 Pro" 32 bit for Windows. These are the only two exe files you should download.

4. This will also be a good time to download your content (zip) files for all content you paid for. You may want to also get the zip files for the FREE starter packages and other addons which are available to you. If possible ONLY download the DIM (zip) files. It is less time consuming than installing individual exe files.

5. The next step is to go to the "install components" tab and install the following items one by one: vcrun2005 vcrun2010 tahoma d3dx9 dotnet20 dotnet40 corefonts.

6: once your dependencies are installed, you will go to the "Wine" tab and click the "Registry editor" button. Once opened, navigate to: Hkey_current_user > Software > Wine. Right click the Wine folder and select NEW > Key. Name the key "Direct3D" (without quotes, Case matters). Right click your Direct3D folder and select New > String value. Name it "VideoMemorySize". Right click VideoMemorySize and select Modify. Place 1024 in the Value data field and press OK. Close registry editor.

7. Back to the Configure window. Go to the miscellaneous tab and press run an exe in the virtual drive. Navigate to where you downloaded your download manager (daz3dim will be in the file name) and choose ok. Follow the install prompts and allow it to reinstall vcrun2010 if necessary. Once completed allow the program to run at the end of the wizard. (DO NOT SKIP THIS PART... daz3dim will create the folder you need to place your zip files into on the next step) When the program launches you will need to log into your account. In "ready to download" pick something tiny in filesize to install. You will notice that download fails... that is OK. We will get to that shortly. Close the program and from the configuration window click the general tab and "make a new shortcut from this drive" select the daz3dim file. It is not necessary to install additional shortcuts yet. DO NOT INSTALL DAZ STUDIO YET... We need to make sure the content manager is working first.

8. Copy your zip files you downloaded earlier into "/home/your_username/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Your_POL_Drive_name/drive_c/users/Public/Documents/DAZ 3D/InstallManager/". Any INCOMPLETE download files should be REMOVED from that directory first. Then run daz3dim again only this time you will you will run it OFFLINE mode. daz3dim should detect the files you copied there and install them for you. I checked delete files after install... YOU WILL get an error that Daz3d is not installed yet. If daz3dim did not detect your files or installed anything, you did something wrong and need to go back to step one and start over... sorry...

9. Back to "Miscellaneous" Run exe in virtual drive... install Daz Studio, same procedure as installing daz3dim. Once install is finished, make a shortcut for DazStudio from the General tab. then launch Daz3dim again and install any packages that failed. once completed, you can close daz3dim and launch Daz Studio for the first time. Upon launch you will need to give it your serial number from your product page. follow the prompts so it can index all of your content.

10. Enjoy!

Now there are some caveats: If you are importing userdata from another installation, be prepared to pack a lunch, because it may take forever for it to load your preferences... at least it is better than manually categorizing everything AGAIN! I do not use the "Smart Content" tab as I own a lot of older content which does not have metadata. This means it will not display there, so I have everything categorized in my "Content Library" tab. I do not like the way content is categorized so I manually arranged everything in my own custom directories for quick access.

Loading your scenes will take a long time on Linux... Play a game of solitaire, read your email or find something to occupy your time while you wait. I have tested almost everything and all I can say is that once your models are loaded, the work-flow is great, compared to the performance I had while running DAZ in VMWARE-Windows 7. Even though my scenes loaded fast in Windows 7, the software would freeze quite often and I would have to wait for the program to respond. That does not happen on my Linux install. I noticed that rendering is MUCH quicker in my WINE install and makes better use of my video card.

Now... some people have said you need to go into configuration and change WINE to Windows 7. When I did that the CMS would CRASH or not run at all... so DO NOT change anything under "configure wine" (wine tab) unless you want to change the WINE theme or something something else. Again... LEAVE WINE in WINDOWS XP MODE.

At the end of the day, I would give this a PLATINUM WineHQ ranking BUT Daz3dim only installs in offline mode and the long scene loading times may be aggravating. If you load a fresh new Genesis or Gen4 character, those load up quickly. So once content is loaded, this runs like a CHAMP!

I do not know any way other than what I have mentioned to have success with this. Good Luck!

Update: Everyone should know that the Linux filesystem is CaSe SenSiTIVe. If you purchase content from vendors other than Daz3D (RuntimeDNA, Renderosity, PoserAddicts and the like), you may get your packs in ZIP files which daz3dim cannot install. When you manually extract the contents of these files into your runtime, you may find you will have duplicate folders. Example: Library + library or Textures + textures. This confuses Daz studio when you run "scan known directories for files". Therefore, you MUST double check your Runtime directory to ensure that there is ONLY ONE of each folder (you CAN have folders like "pose and poses" or "light and lights" as the focus is on exact spelling), otherwise you will have missing files in your "Content library" tab. I learned this the hard way...

TIP: It is always a good idea to back-up your runtime listing by opening "Content DB maintenance" and exporting User Data. You can then re-import user data at a later time in case you run into trouble. As stated before, it does take a long time (90 minutes on my machine) to import user data depending on how much content you have. It is a lot better than manually recategorizing everything.  

UPDATE: For those of you who installed Daz Studio 4.6 when this was originally written, here is how you update to 4.7...

a. Download the 32Bit daz studio 4.7 installer from your account page. You will notice that 4.6 is no longer available. Get the Zip file "Scene Builder for DAZ Studio".

b. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR DATABASE... In the content panel, click the pancake menu, and choose "ContentDB maintenance" tick "export user data". I will note this was not necessary when I upgraded but in case you run into problems it is better to be safe than sorry... ALWAYS backup your database. I repeat... ALWAYS backup your user data!

c. Open playonlinux and click the configure button. Select your drive where DAZ is installed then go to the misc. tab where you will run an exe in the virtual drive. Install the NEW Daz software. It will uninstall 4.6

d. Copy your zip file for the scene builder into the InstallManager/Downloads folder. Once that is done, run daz3dim in offline mode and install that file.

e. Open Daz Studio. You should now notice that your layout and settings appear exactly as they did in 4.6. Have a look around... Lots of neat features have been added. IF BY SOME CHANCE your custom directory listings are not displayed, you can re-import user data from the Content DB maintenance dialogue...

THOUGHTS on 4.7: Scenes seem to load SLIGHTLY faster on Linux. I also like the improvement of the 3delite rendering engine. Renderings without a background are transparent. This also supports a LIVE render preview which is a nice touch, but the window gets in the way of my layout so I only open it when preparing my scene for a final render. I also like the keyboard navigation. You can now navigate your 3d world using the keys q,w,e,a,s,d and u,i,o,j,k,l. I am still playing with this new version and I like the improvements! Awesome job, DAZ3D!

THOUGHTS ON 4.9: Smart Content does not work on this version but everything else does as far as I can see...