DistroHunt is not accepting submissions at this time. I need to have the web framework completed and I have a list of distributions yet to add to this index. Once completed I will have open enrollment in this section. In order to be listed here, there are some requirements as follows:

Name: Your OS
Full release: (We will not list alpha or betas.)
Based on: (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu, Independent?)
Hardware: (Runs on x86, x86_64, Arm?)
Desktops offered: (Gnome, KDE, XFCE?)
OS Type: (Beginners, Desktop OS, Privacy?)
Links to download, documentation and support

Requests which fall short of these requirements will not be listed. Because we do not collect personal information, we are unable to notify respondents of the refusal. I will consider posting a page which contains the distribution name and the reason it isn’t listed. DO NOT SPAM THE SERVER with listing requests. Spammers are guaranteed a refusal.