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Gaming and Steam / Re: RETURN OF GAME NIGHT?
« Last post by Dirty Helga on Today at 10:07:06 AM »
I decided to seize the moment and put up an announcement for GAME NIGHT. I will make sure Spatry is present if I have to catheterize him to the computer. Now all you people need to do is SHOW UP! No game has been picked yet but at least there can be a discussion. If a game is selected and we get a small group playing, we will award a STEAM KEY for "Shadowrun"  (Thanks Ironclaw) to one lucky winner JUST FOR BEING THERE. You do not need to have skill to win a prize! I hate to say this, but for once in my life I am FORCED to agree with what Spatry said...
Introduce Yourself / Re: Re: HELLO From Spatry!
« Last post by Spatry on Today at 09:15:47 AM »
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Hi and glad you are back in a big way. I watched you a while back then you disappeared. I enjoy your content and hope to see much more.
Having decent equipment has certainly helped (Thanks Joe) to bring back the show... Glad you love the new content and I appreciate you taking the time to drop in and say hello.
Honestly, that sounds like a failing chipset /motherboard. Does it do that in Windows too? A good start would be to buy a cheap Sound Card, you can probably pick one up for around $20. See if that noise persists then.

Like Spatry said, put Windows 7 in a virtual environment for all that essential software. If you get a sound card, you could passthrough that hardware to Win7 and suffer no quality loss. The BEST VM software I've ever used is "Virt-Manager" or Virtual Machine Manager. Passing through a sound card is MUCH easier than passing through a GPU. You literally just add the device in the VM's options. Passing through to USB devices is easy too, so you can transfer your audio files with a flash drive.

A quick look on NewEgg, I found a USB card for $2. That will be perfect to test for hardware failure.

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Did you try different speakers by any chance?
I need to wake up before trying to help someone. That USB device, it still sounds like it may be failing hardware. Is it easy to open? Try opening it up to see if you can find any blown CAPS. Here are some examples of what to look for.
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Welcome to the community. In doing some light research this morning it appears there is no driver for the mobilpre because Linux has native support for it. I listened to your sound sample and I know I would be upset if my recording hardware were making such noises. If I am not mistaken, the mobilpre provides phantom power for your microphones. Years ago I considered getting a similar unit but decided on using a USB powered solution (Samson c01U condenser mic) where I would be able to have full control through the OS rather than relying on hardware. If I were in your situation here are a few things I would try...

1. I would make certain all power saving features on the computer are completely disabled. Some power saving item might be kicking in and hurting your audio output somehow...

2. I would try switching to JACK... the low latency audio server for Linux

3. If ALL ELSE FAILS, Install Windows 7 in a Virtual machine with USB support and use it for the one piece of software... then transfer the recording to my Linux machine for post production.

This is probably not the kind of answer you were looking for but it is my hope that other people in the community might have some ideas I did not think of... (still waking up here) Persistence is KEY if you want to have a successful transition to Linux.
Hardware / I dont want to use windows but I think I might have to :(
« Last post by james5654 on Today at 01:17:06 AM »
Hello everyone! My name is James and I am new here. I love spatrys videos so much that I had to join up.
I have been having so many problems with my hardware in multiple linux distros (debian stable, manjaro, mint, pclinuxos)
The problem that I was having was that every time I installed a new distro everything worked well after all of the 
initial config i did  but then my sound
devices would glitch. The problem is I work a lot with musical hardware and I need it to be able to run properly and
have been using windows for a long time because of this. I am very upset because I am terrified of windows (warning
I am crazy but I will be the first to admit it so just listen to my paranoia please LOL) Because windows
is communicating with microsoft thousands of times a day and is selling all my personal information to who knows who.
microsoft is a complete commie dictator and I want no part of it. As a recent graduate of a technical schools
information technology program I have lots of linux experience and have always preferred linux over microsoft. I am
just concerned because one of my main audio devices I use is a USB M-audio moblilepre and it will work fine for a
little bit but then it will start making static noises that practically blow my ears out!
I looked on their website and there were no linux drivers but in all distros it is recognized but still has those problems.

Debian 9.5 stable worked the best after i installed a lot of amd drivers but then the screen started tearing when scrolling
through firefox and discord. I asked them about it on the debian support emails but they told me it was a problem they 
were working on. I am very upset about this because I dont know what do do and it seems like I might have to stay on 
NSA loving data selling commie microsoft. I dont know what I should do. If I stay on windows if I keep my personal
data on a debian server instead of on my hard drive maybe they wont be able to steal it? But at the same time
It will be loaded into RAM so they could still take all of it. I just want my mobilepre to work on linux. maybe win 7
is safer? or even mac?

my hardware is: 

amd radeon r9 380 
amd fx 63000 6 core 
72000 rpm hdd
gigabyte 970a ud3p
here is the exact replica of the sound problem i am having. TURN DOWN SPEAKERS/HEADPHONES WHEN LISTENING

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Introduce Yourself / Re: HELLO From Spatry!
« Last post by flash1van on Today at 01:10:16 AM »
Hi and glad you are back in a big way. I watched you a while back then you disappeared. I enjoy your content and hope to see much more.
Debian based / Re: Going to Load Linux Lite on my Imac
« Last post by Spatry on October 18, 2018, 07:51:16 PM »
LQQKING GOOD! Thanks for sharing the screenshots =D
Spatry's Blog / Software Spotlight: Fun with OBS Studio
« Last post by Spatry on October 18, 2018, 07:46:25 PM »
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Debian based / Re: Going to Load Linux Lite on my Imac
« Last post by at54tl on October 18, 2018, 06:43:35 PM »
Here are a couple of screenshots from today:

Introduce Yourself / Re: Yet another salutation
« Last post by joejohnston3 on October 18, 2018, 05:18:03 PM »
Welcome to the forums and community and we are glad to have you here. Arch is wonderful but Manjaro makes it easier. 
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