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Title: 3G modem to lan?
Post by: Challene on September 20, 2019, 09:46:24 AM
Hello everyone!
I have a really interesting question. I have a 2 notebooks, one of them is connected to the internet via 3G Modem(USB MODEM). I can share the internet from the first notebook to second one using WiFi, but the WiFi module is broken on the second notebook. So I decided to try to connect them using a LAN(Wired connection). But the strange thing, when wired, then Linux don't see a modem, and if I turn off "Wired Connection", then I can turn on the modem. Is there a way to do something like:
I plug in 3g usb modem into the first notebook(So I'll be able to connect to the internet) and then share it to the second notebook using wired connection?(I think I need to be able to use Wired Connection and USB modem at the same time). ???
Title: Re: 3G modem to lan?
Post by: CwF on September 24, 2019, 09:09:36 AM
Back when I was XP focused such things were so easy. I was mobile then, and when moving into linux (debian) this was such a convoluted subject. You need to manually bridge the ports or find some ICS utility or run something like squid, I'm not familiar with everything. Quickly after that first look a few years back I built a crutch. I swapped a gsm mdem dongle for a standalone hotspot, a smartphone works too.. Then converted a router with dd-wrt to pick up that hidden hotspot and forward through it's hardwired eth ports. From there on out, just plug a system in, any system, and it automagically has internet. Depending on the router used you can have extra functions built in, monitoring, filtering, caching, almost a mini-squid. So extra stuff and extra complexity makes it easy.
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Title: Re: 3G modem to lan?
Post by: Challene on September 25, 2019, 12:25:43 AM
Thanks for the reply, CwF. I think it's easier to buy USB Wi-Fi module or buy a second 3G USB modem :D