NVidia Drivers Is Confusing Me
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Author Topic: NVidia Drivers Is Confusing Me  (Read 157 times)

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NVidia Drivers Is Confusing Me
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:39:38 PM »
On Ubuntu Based Distros I haven't had big problems getting my graphic cards working.  With that being said, I don't understand them.  Lately I've just been using the Driver utility to install them.  Then it seems like I'm good to go.  At least I get the performance that I need for watching videos without screen tearing.

I've been playing around with PCLinuxOS Mate Version.  I have screen tearing and I don't know how to install the NVidia Drivers.  After several weekends of searching the Internet I finally got the courage to try asking on the forums.  But in the process of my research I came across several videos that caused me to scratch my head.  I began wondering, what is the right way to do it?  I don't mean simply what is the right way on PCLinuxOS.  I mean what is the right way?

When I first started with NVidia on Ubuntu based distros I learned of two ways of doing it.  1) Use the driver manager.  2) Use a PPA.  I guess the latest NVidia drivers is considered to be the best.

Watch these three videos and I think you will understand why I'm confused.


(He mentions a run file on the nvidia website)

Here I'll show you what I found for PCLinuxOS

Here you can read the post I made in the PCLinuxOS forums.  If you choose to read it, I think you will see where I am having a problem with that distro.